Artunyc Movers Product and Service Terms & Conditions

Upon sending in your $50 deposit to Artunyc Movers, you trigger our Prodcut and Service Terms & Conditions. Please be aware that reading the Terms and Conditions is your responsibility. Our most current Product and Service Terms and Conditions is always available on our website. On the day of your deposit, you are bound by that date’s Terms & Conditions. .These Terms of Service are subject to change.

Product and Service Terms & Conditions for Artunyc Movers.

Cost of service & payment terms

Payment of Deposit

  • Upon booking with your $50 deposit, you are ensuring your flat rate fee, specified moving services, and your move date.
  • Artunyclexa Movers allows you two days to complete the deposit. The date of your move and quoted flat rate are not subject to change during this period.If you do not pay your deposit within this time period, Artunyclexa Movers has the right to alter move date and quoted flat rate fee. Changes occur because of peak moving days, employee availability, and the specified time window requested by the customer.
  • For moves that cost more than $3000, Artunyclexa Moversrequires a 10 percent deposit of your total in order to guarantee your specified moving services and requested move date.
  • You can pay your deposit over the phone or electronically (we will provide you a secure link for payment). Artunyclexa Movers accepts most major credit cards including Discover, AMEX, Visa, and MasterCard.
  • In order to get a full refund of your deposit, you must request cancellation via email at least one day prior to your move day. Please allow Artunyclexa Movers five business days to process your refund. For moving dates scheduled on weekends, you must request a refund by the close of business on Thursday
  • If you fail to cancel with at least one business days’ notice, your deposit will not be refunded.


  • We construct your quote based on your move description. In order to ensure your flat rate quote, please check elevator access, stair-count, disassembly requests, and your inventory list. Prior toArtunyc Movers arrival, please have all boxes packed. Almost all of our customers pay the original flat rate that they were quoted.
  • If Artunyc Movers finds additional items beyond what’s on the inventory list you provided, we will charge an additional $2.00-$53.00 per cubic foot A medium box, for example, costs $10. This is the same price as the advance rate.
  • Additional disassembling and assembling (such as bed frames) cost an additional $25 per 15 minutes. All disassembling that you want to do on your own should happen before Artunyc Movers arrival.
  • Additional charges are required for meters or tolls to and from the move.
  • From time to time, these additional charges occur:


  • A 4% vendor service charge for credit card payments.
  • If you are satisfied with your Artunyc Movers crew, a 15-25% tip is taken as a percentage from the total bill, would be appreciated and can be given to the foreman at the end of the job.


  • In New York, parking tickets happen. We mostly avoid them, but when there is no legal parking spot near your building, we’llpark wherever is closest to your building. We can help avoid this by having a member of your household wait with the truck. If we are ticketed, we’ll split the fine with you. However, if you live in front of a bus stop or bike lane or live in certain high traffic areas of the city such as Midtown, you’re responsible for the entire ticket.**‬


  • While accidents are rare, if your property is damaged, we will offer a refund to replace it up to 35% of the total final bill for the job. However, we are not responsible for certain items: particle board, plants, or furniture too large to fit in narrow space without disassembly. Additionally, our movers are prohibited from packing money or jewels. We do not put together cribs. Finally, Artunyc Movers is not responsible for misplaced items or items left behind. Please check your house before leaving for the drop-off location and double check your inventory after finishing the move.


  • We charge $35-$50 per stair flight per 300 cubic feet for any additional flights of stairs.
  • If our truck is parked over 150 feet from its destination because of something like a long hallway or street construction, we will add a push charge. Our standard rate is $5035 per 50 ft additional distance per 300 cubic ft of inventory.
  • If there is a delay, for example because of waiting for a locksmith, we charge $25 for every 15 minutes of waiting time.
  • The better prepped you are, the better we can make your move. We stake our reputation on honesty and hard work with the goal of completing every job as well as possible.