The stress free moving day guide

Follow our moving day tips for a hassle free move

The Moving Day Mambo: Our tips for navigating the big day.

We’ve done a few moves in our 2 years of serving New York City. Along the way we have collected valuable insight on what can make moving day run as smoothly as possible for you.

We’ve compiled our collection of tips and tricks for you to stay organized and to keep cool when The Big Day arrives. And we will be there by your side every step of the way, so don’t worry if you begin to feel overwhelmed — we are just a shout or a phone call away.

Plan plenty of time for every task of the day, and then double that amount of time. Everything takes longer than you think it will, and there will most certainly be hiccups throughout — nothing we can’t handle, of course. But stressing about the ticking clock amplifies every little thing. So set the alarm clock extra early, pack away your move day morning items, take care of the pets, get some protein, and start checking things off the list.

It is good practice to set aside the items needed close by for the days leading up to and following your move. Pack a small suitcase of daily toiletries, prescriptions, electronics chargers, a few layers of clothes, and even some cash to have readily available when everything else is taped up and en route. Make sure to keep this suitcase handy and secure, separate from items being moved, and you won’t be halfway through your morning routine when you realize you don’t have toothpaste, or that the weather is chillier than you expected but you don’t have a sweater to be found.

Check all of the cupboards, drawers, closets, and the refrigerator for anything you may have missed. A final wipe, sweep and mop would be ideal before the movers arrive, but depending on how far you are relocating to and the time-frame you will have after your move to vacate your old place, it might be worth your time and money to hire professional cleaners. Especially for the last-minute packer, a deep clean can be enough to overwhelm you at a time of already high stress. Either way, keep your cleaning supplies handy for when you arrive at your new place as well — it will help you feel settled in to know your surfaces are freshly polished by your own hands.

Did you forward your cable and internet? Cancel the electricity bill? Fill out a change of address form? Make sure all of the tedious utilities are taken care of or cancelled, and set a reminder for yourself to follow up with anything that may have fallen through the cracks.

We arrive on time and ready to work! We will call you to let you know we are on our way so that you can be prepared, as well as keep an eye out for suspicious doormen or unexpected road closures. It’s a good idea to keep your phone close by with the sound turned up so that we can keep close communication.

We work for you. Once we have arrived and touched base with you, we will take it from there and you can sit back and relax, FaceTime a loved one, and enjoy a cup o’ joe. Remember, we’ve gone over your instructions and your preferences, we’ve done this a time or two, and you are in good hands. We will jump right into the packing and moving. It’s that simple. But we are there to answer your questions and offer friendly support, and our customer service team is just a phone call away if you have other concerns or items to address.

We are almost finishing loading up and closing up your old place — now is the time to connect with anyone meeting you at your destination (a landlord with a key, a loved one for moral support) and let them know you will soon be on the road. Confirm contact information with the movers as well, so you can keep in touch while in transit.

Make sure that your old place is secured and locked up — windows, doors, cellars, etc. If you have done your own cleaning, take photos room by room as evidence of final conditions, and leave your keys at your pre-arranged location, as well as a forwarding address, which can be helpful for new tenants that might receive errant pieces of your mail.

We have arrived, and you can release your excitement now! Once you have allowed entry, we will begin the move-in process, consulting you as well as our inventory lists to make sure everything is where it needs to be and you can start your chapter in your new home with everything in its designated area.

Check your new property to ensure everything is in working order — lights, hot water, doors and locks, wifi, etc. Checking these essentials right away will give you time to get them taken care of before bedtime if all is not as it should be at move in.

You did it! After ArtuNYC Movers have finished moving everything into your new home, they will do a walk through with you, look over the inventory list for your approval, and hand over the completion paperwork for your sign off. Our Executive Team will contact you to ask if there is anything else we can do to support your big day, and we will follow up a few days later to make sure you are satisfied with how it all went. You’re home!

You’ve got your boxes in their designated rooms and your trusty suitcase to carry you through the next couple of days. It’s easy to look around and feel overwhelmed, but take a deep breath and enjoy the potential of your new space. It’s often helpful to tackle your bedroom, main bathroom, and kitchen first. Start small, take your time, and embrace the start of this new chapter.

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The guys showed up sooner than expected, were quick and proficient.
Cost was consistent with the statement with no "gotchas" or additional expenses.
Easiest move I've done so far. They were so nice and made the process as seamless as possible.
Would definitely recommend!

Joanna J., Manhattan, NY


In two words: excellent service!This was truly the easiest move I've ever had, and could not have been happier with the hard work the three guys put in. Will definitely hire them in the future.

Cassie G., New York


Very professional, efficient and friendly movers, wearing gloves and masks the entire time.Moved a 1.5 bedroom apartment in Brooklyn to Manhattan, NY. Took care of all the big furniture (bed, TVs and stands, couch, tables) and loaded everything in just 90 minutes.These guys are extremely professional and efficient! I will definitely use them again.

Samantha O., New York


The guys were courteous and friendly. From the ease of booking the appointment and getting a quote to the actual moving day, I can honestly say this was a stress-free experience. They took all necessary COVID precautions, really great communication and service. Highly recommend!

John P., New York

01.27. 2020

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