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The Ultimate Guide to Packing

Because packing is stressful, tedious, and always more time-consuming than expected.

We've witnessed a lot of strategies over the years, and we've got a lot in the way of knowledge and experience that we are more than ready to share with our customers.

Some people are their most productive when the time is crunching, but for the rest of us, it is often best to take it a little at a time, over a longer period of time.

Planning is key, down to the lists and the labels. And no matter how tempting, trust us when we say that just throwing things in boxes leads only to heartache and frustration. In addition to putting thought in to how to pack your items and what to pack them with, we recommend you start the process a minimum of two weeks before a small apartment move, and at least a month in advance for larger house moves. We know moving can be a pain. So we make it as easy as humanly possible (seriously) by supplying the 24/7/365 moving windows, the materials, the trucks and the movers, and then rounding it out with our expertise to

gracefully guide you through the process of establishing a new home.

Packing is all about strategy.

We are big list people here at ArtuNYC Movers. We are all about them. Not only do they keep you organized, but it is a really satisfying feeling to be able to cross things off said lists once you have completed the task. We have learned that packing is all about strategy and planning, and keeping a few things in mind will ease the pain of “miscellaneous” boxes and carrying over unnecessary items. We’ve compiled a list for you to refer to when choosing what to pack, store, or part ways with.

ArtuNYC Mover's guide on how to pack.

Take a mental inventory of the big picture.

Plan room by room the time and attention needed to packing it up. Perhaps you know everything in your bedroom has a place in your new home, but you also know your office is due for a major declutter. Set a realistic timeline for each space and a realistic idea of how much you want to keep, pass on, or toss.

Does it bring you joy?

One of the nice things about moving can be the opportunity to downsize and deciding that you no longer need certain items that may clutter your home. Items that are still in good shape but no longer have a place in your life can be sold or donated, and anything else might find its way to the dump. It can be hard to break ties with furniture and trinkets that you have had forever, but it can also be liberating to let them go when it is time, and possibly allow others to enjoy them who are looking for those very things.

Set aside ``Moving Time`` necessities.

We talk about having a suitcase that will support you before and after moving day. Set out toiletries, prescriptions, electronic chargers, extra layers of clothing, etc. that you can pack in a small suitcase and keep close by come moving day. It will be an invaluable asset to have when you don’t have to search for essentials among boxes and bags that have already been packed and sealed.

Label. Label. Label.

Having clear labels on boxes of what is inside and what room they belong in saves so much time and head pain when it comes to placing the boxes at your new home and unpacking. Mark fragile items and “this side up” for unambiguous attention.

Don't overfill.

Make the most of the room in your boxes, but do not overfill them as this can increase the possibility of damage and also make them more difficult to stack and transport.

Have a designated place for valuables.

We recommend you have a special space set aside for valuables and important documents and keep them together, for peace of mind and for ease of locating.

Eat through your perishable food.

Some groceries only last so long, and it is a good idea to stop buying these items at least a week before the move date so you don’t have to worry about eating through them, storing them, or tossing them as waste.

A winning packet of packing supplies

  • We offer moving bundles of boxes, tape and paper at ArtuNYC Movers, but if you decide to build your own arsenal we have a few items you want to be sure to include:
  • Markers, pens and sticky labels, color coded for rooms or item type. Heavy duty packing tape is a must as well.
  • Boxes of various sizes. Uniformity is ideal for stacking.
  • Plastic moving bins are a great eco-friendly option, and can be used over and over again for various needs.

Our flat rate pricing means no hidden surprises, ever.

We include all of the following services at no extra charge to you.

We offer a guaranteed, all-inclusive flat rate price, locked in before your move day. Which means the duration of your move will not impact your move price. We always include the following services at no extra charge to you.


Just what you were looking for?


Our White Glove Platinum Packing Experience allows you to keep your digits clean.

ArtuNYC Movers' expert packers deliver on service and meticulously protect and pack your items specifically for durable transport and ease of unpacking at your new home. We give you the five-star treatment, and allow you hands-off relaxation for the most pampering of moves.

Choice movers to get you wherever you're going.

We've got you covered from start to finish, A to B , packing to papers to transport.


Our insanely convenient 365/7/24 calendar and our expert moving team will take you to the next chapter with convenience and confidence.

Local residential Moves

We are a group that loves our city. We know it well and will thoughtfully navigate you through your move in the big NYC.

long distance moves

With our relay team of trusted partners from New York to all corners of the country, we've got stellar service on both ends of your move and along the way.

last minute moves

Whether last minute to you means two hours or two days, we work with our ambitious team to get you where you need to go, fast.

small moves

You may not have thought to call movers to help you lift and relocate that awkward dresser, but that's just what we are here for (among other things).

office and commercial moves

We handle business so you can keep running yours. With our 24/7/365 options, we can get in and move off business hours so there is no disruption to your staff or your bottom line.

Make space with storage

We will pick up your belongings right at your doorstep and deliver them to a secure vault anywhere in New York, where they will be safely stored for you as long as you want.

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The guys showed up sooner than expected, were quick and proficient.
Cost was consistent with the statement with no "gotchas" or additional expenses.
Easiest move I've done so far. They were so nice and made the process as seamless as possible.
Would definitely recommend!

Joanna J., Manhattan, NY


In two words: excellent service!This was truly the easiest move I've ever had, and could not have been happier with the hard work the three guys put in. Will definitely hire them in the future.

Cassie G., New York


Very professional, efficient and friendly movers, wearing gloves and masks the entire time.Moved a 1.5 bedroom apartment in Brooklyn to Manhattan, NY. Took care of all the big furniture (bed, TVs and stands, couch, tables) and loaded everything in just 90 minutes.These guys are extremely professional and efficient! I will definitely use them again.

Samantha O., New York


The guys were courteous and friendly. From the ease of booking the appointment and getting a quote to the actual moving day, I can honestly say this was a stress-free experience. They took all necessary COVID precautions, really great communication and service. Highly recommend!

John P., New York

01.27. 2020

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