How to pack your clothes for moving

1. Organize your Move

Before you begin, check with you building manager at both addresses—your old and new homes—to understand if there are any guidelines for moving.


  • Times for moving in and out at both addresses.
  • Permits for parking that may be needed
  • Check stairs, elevators (including service elvators), doorways, etc…
  • Landlord notification, usually at least 1 month.
  • Make a list of items you wish to move, store, or donate. If you wish to get rid of or donate items, begin the process as soon as possible.
  • Artunyc Movers can provide a list of local charities.
  • Artunyc Movers will talk to you about all of the items you want to move when we give you a quote.

2. Make the Right Choice in Movers

Choosing the company to move you is more than just a price tag. Your mover should provide you a flat rate, be honest about additional fees, while also have put your items safety first. You don’t want any surprises on Move Day.

  • Here are some questions you should ask to find the perfect mover:
  • Do you have the accreditation according to federal and state laws?
  • Do you protect my items?
  • Do you dispose of furniture and other household items that I won’t need at my next home?
  • Do you provide plastic bins for packing?
  • Do you offer an all-included flat rate or will there be additional costs beyond the quote?
  • Do you fully train and screen your crew members?
  • Throughout the moving process, from the beginning conversation to move day, do you have a customer service provider to help answer questions?

3. Take Time to Review Your Flat Rate Quote and Terms &Conditions

Amongst the thousands of moving companies, only a handful are actually experienced and professional businesses. Take time to look around, research companies, and get a quote from a few of the highest rated, so you can be sure you’re getting the best movers and best deal for your money.

All charges and fees for your move should be on your quote. Be careful of incredibly cheap prices: those companies often charge additional fees that can add up to a sum higher than other quotes and make your move a miserable experience.

Your moving company should put safety and customer service at the heart of their business culture. They should train their movers to the highest standards of the industry and support them throughout their careers. By doing this, they are ensuring professional and cost-saving approaches to moving that will satisfy your needs.

4. After your mover is booked

After you’ve found the best quote and mover, make sure to confirm.

Check off these important boxes after you’ve confirmed your move time and day:

  • Complete travel plan, including flights and transfers
  • Get in touch with your kid’s school to ensure their records are transferred to their new school
  • Get time off from work
  • Coordinate your pet’s move, especially for long-distance or international moves
  • Schedule child and pet sitters for moving day, so that you can keep your mind on the move at hand
  • Get in touch with loved ones if you need help

5. Start Packing

Plan out how long it will take to pack and then double it. It always takes a lot longer than you want to believe. You want that last day to concentrate on last minute items.

Check off the following boxes:

  • Purchase supplies like packing paper, tape, and boxes
  • Rent plastic bins
  • Mark items that are fragile and need specialized packing
  • Make sure to plan for moving valuables and documents
  • Mark and separate items you wish to keep from those you want to donate or sell
  • Separate items that you want for the night before the move
  • Reach out for a helping hand if you’re overwhelmed

6. One week from your Move Date

plansCheck off these boxes

  • Label and pack your final boxes
  • Make sure to confirm pet and childcare arrangements for move day
  • Update your information with utilities, insurance, banks, and the mail service, along with services like Amazon
  • Make address changes for your drivers license within the allowable time
  • Take care to finish dry cleaning, empty safe deposit boxes and storage units

Have a suitcase for moving day with the following:

  • Electronics chargers for items like cell phones
  • Personal items like make up, prescriptions, and toiletries
  • Items important for your children that they’ll want immediately at their new home
  • Food for your pet
  • Water & food
  • Blankets and sheets
  • Toys, books, and clothes for long haul moves
  • Make sure you give a key to anyone who is meeting you at your new home. Provide them an ETA
  • Fix minor issues in the house

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